Communication design Level 0


The program is developed for people who have no practical experience in design, and will be useful for those who want to change their profession. During two years students will learn a basic set of competencies necessary for successful work as a designer. The basic principle of learning is intensive development of skills for further carrier in the field of communication design. Starting with the creation of the graphic composition and posters, students will go to the high-grade corporate identity. Also students will design a multi-page publication (brandbook, magazine, book, etc.), will learn animation technologies, visual effects, and at the same time will learn graphic packages (Adobe, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premier, Timble Navigation SketchUp). Students will form a high-quality portfolio to continue their carrier. Course program is made by famous designers and leading teachers of HSE Art and Design – Eric Belousov, Pavel Borisovskiy, Igor Gurovich, Alexandra Kuznetsova, Arseny Meshcheryakov, Protey Temen.

Pavel Borisovskiy

Tutor at HSE Art and Design School, artist, designer, creator of the art organization «Global Cultural Project» (Global Cultural Project, GCP), Member of Moscow Union of Artists and Russian Union of Designers.

«We teach students a new language – the language of visual communication. At the beginning students may think that a variety of tasks they have to do unrelated to each other, but eventually understand that all processes are consistent, and all the knowledge that they get structured in a clear system. We combine of conceptual work on personal projects under the supervision of the curator and small technical exercises which the students do in the classroom»

Student's work