Students of the HSE Art & Design School on the short-list of Dieline Awards 2023

Students of the HSE Art & Design School on the short-list of Dieline Awards 2023

Case studies affiliated with the HSE Art & Design School were included on the short-list of Dieline Awards 2023. Alumni of the School Nikita Gavrilov introduced Beaky — a conceptual cosmetic brand that reimagines childhood-like bath time. Another work selected by the jury — Foodzilla — pet food packaging designed by the second-year student Zhenya Zhuk.

Since 2007, Dieline Awards supports the advancement of package design and selects the best branding projects worldwide. In 2003, they received around 1500 applications from more than 30 countries.

Case studies on the short-list:



Beaky — a brand concept designed by Nikita Gavrilov. Soap’s nozzle is constructed as a duck’s beak, while the bottle mimics a duck’s body. Overall, packaging resembles a rubber duck that is widely associated with bath time.

View the project on the website of Dieline Awards



The brand FOODZILLA is designed for parents who want to instill in their children a responsible attitude towards their pets. With the help of the funny packaging, feeding pets can become playful and catchy.

View the project on the website of Dieline Awards​​​​​​​

Nikita Gavrilov about participating in competitions and festivals:

’’This is a great opportunity to compete within the international design industry and see how much you fit in this community. It is complicated to rate your own work objectively — festivals help in this case. In my category ‘Student and Concept Packaging’ I was the only designer and all other applicants were quite influential creative studios. Even if I am not a winner, it is a huge pleasure and achievement to be shortlisted among them.

Participating in competitions and festivals is especially useful for young designers — you can either boost your expertise or some agency might notice your work and make you an offer’’.

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