HSE in the ranking of the world’s best universities in the Art&Design category

HSE in the ranking of the world’s best universities in the Art&Design category

According to the results of the prestigious world educational rating QS-2021, published on March 4, HSE has improved its position by entering the top 150 world universities in the Art & Design category and becoming the only Russian university listed in it.

The QS World University Ranking is considered as one of the three most authoritative university rankings in the world, along with the Academic Ranking of World Universities and the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. The indicators taken into account when compiling the rating are: research impact, academic reputation, employer reputation, career potential, and internationalization.

«The HSE School of Design has quickly and efficiently gone through its formative period. We have gone all the way from a little department, teaching particular fields of design, to an art school which is large by any international standards. We provide training in most of the current fields in modern design and contemporary art, screen arts from animation to films and video art, game design, visual effects, fashion, and sound art. The school is constantly developing: these days it proverbially takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that! Universal recognition is what we currently aim for. Art is international, and the traditions of 20th-century Russian art just obligate us to be an international school, so one of the KPIs we have been aiming over the past two years for is a position of the HSE Art School in prestigious international rankings,» comments Arseniy Meshcheryakov, Head of the HSE Art and Design School, upon the results.

«We are happy about this year’s important step towards our goal of entering the world’s top 50 art schools. I believe we should thank our graduates for this, as they are becoming more and more recognized experts, and our students, who are increasing their participation in international competitions and exhibitions,»
Arseniy Meshcheryakov, Head of the HSE Art and Design School, designer, founder of Agey Tomesh Design Bureau and WAM Books

«It has been a hard year, but HSE ART GALLERY kept growing as a significant online and offline platform for contemporary art and design in Russia. We are now launching new workshops and developing an international student project competition platform. In a word, there are a lot of plans and ideas, and I hope that we will be able to implement them,’ reckons the head of the School.»

«Over this tough year, the School has done a great job to push on to the next level in Art and Design category of the QS rating! An important step to improve international relations was the School’s participation in the organization of the international conference Design: Vertical & Horizontal Growth, which was held under the auspices of Cumulus, the International Association of Art and Design Universities,»
Dr. hab. Tatiana Rivchun, HSE Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Communications, Media and Design, Member of HSE Academic Council.

«Despite the online mode, we kept creating the research agenda. The Postgraduate School of Art and Design held two academic conferences: Theories and Practices of Art and Design: Social, Cultural, Economic and Political Contexts and Aesthetics of Good and Evil in Video Games, and also launched the PeARL (Performance Artistic Research Lab) Laboratory in partnership with Goldsmith University of London. Thuswise, not only did we become the only Russian university ranked in QS, Art and Design, but also improved our last year’s position, getting into the top 150! There are so many plans and achievements ahead,» comments Tatiana Rivchun upon the results.

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