In order to see your schedule, log in using your username and password. The personal schedule for 1st year students is updated, but you can always specify the date and time of classes by the group number in the general section.


The administrators of student groups are staff of the academic office that helps students and curators quickly and efficiently resolve issues related to the educational process:

  • schedule;
  • grades;
  • scholarships;
  • individual curriculum;
  • transferring between groups / profiles;
  • elective disciplines;
  • registration of academic leave;
  • deductions / recovery.


Head of Academic Office

  • general management of the study office
  • supervising the selection of minors
  • supervision of transfer to the School of Design from other universities
  • state final certification
+7 (495) 772 95 90 ext. 23312
opening hours: Mon-Fri 10:00 — 18:00
(M. Pionerskaya St., 12, room 367)

администрирование учебного процесса

М. Пионерская ул., 12, 577
8(495)772-95-90 доб. 12771
пн-пт: 10:00 — 18:30

administration of the educational process of students of bachelor's profiles «Fashion Design», «Fashion Otography», «Branding in the Fashion Industry» and students of the master's program «Fashion»
fb-group for students of profiles of the educational program «Fashion»
+7 (495) 772 95 90 ext. 23372
opening hours: Mon-Fri 11:45 — 20:15
(Malaya Pionerskaya St., 12, room 367)

administration of the educational process of undergraduate students

Phone: +7 (495) 772 95 90 ext. 15316
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 10:00 — 18:30
(Kozhevnichesky passage, house 1, second floor, room 63)

administration of the educational process of students of the bachelor's profile «Communication Design» (3, 4 courses)

Phone: +7 (495) 772 95 90
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 11:00 — 19:00 (Old Basmannaya 21/4, office B-107)

administration of the educational process of undergraduate students «Animation and illustration» (1, 2, 3 and 4 courses)

Phone: +7 (495) 772 95 90 ext.
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 11:00 — 19:00 (Kozhevnichesky passage, Building 1, second floor)

Graduate (MA)

administration of the educational process of students of the master's programs «Communication and Digital Design», «Design», «Practices of Contemporary Art»

Phone: +7 (495) 772 95 90
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 11:00 — 19:00 (Malaya Pionerskaya St., 12, room 367)


8 926 254 00 84
8 (495) 772 95 90 ext. 23085

8 926 101 90 20
8(495)772 95 90 ext. 22343

8 905 506 71 81
8 (495) 772 95 90 ext. 22062

Useful links

Academic office

The academic office organizes and supports the educational process of the educational programs of the School of Design.

address: Malaya Pionerskaya St., 12, 367 aud.
opening hours: 9:00 — 20:00

Academic Office Page


In order to find out the schedule of a student or teacher, follow the link and type in the last name and first name you need.

timetracker system

Student ratings

Rating July 20, 2019

Rating January 20, 2019

Ratings are published no later than:

January 20 — current rating before retakes for 1 semester

March 10 — current rating after retake 1 semester

July 20 — current rating before retakes for 2 semester

October 25 — current rating after retake for 2 semester

March 10 and October 25 — cumulative rating

More about ratings

If the student has found inaccuracies (in grades or disciplines), he has the opportunity to report the discovered error to the training office within two business days.


Academic scholarship

how much: 1707 / month
to: allocated to students studying on a budgetary basis — according to the results of training, as well as to foreigners studying according to the quota, regardless of academic performance
for which: good performance (good and excellent) based on the results of interim certification when: appointed in January and July for 2 modules (until the next interim certification)
* students must have a world map to transfer scholarships

Enhanced State Academic Scholarship

how much: from 3000 rubles / month and above (depending on the level of student achievement)
to: allocated to students studying on a budgetary basis and already receiving an academic scholarship
why: for achievements during training at the Higher School of Economics in educational, research, cultural, creative, social, sports activities
when: appointed in January and July for a period of 6 months
* students must submit applications independently through the LMS system within the deadlines strictly specified on the site

Scholarships of the President and Government of the Russian Federation

Scholarship of the Government of the Russian Federation (in areas)
Scholarship of the President of the Russian Federation
Scholarship of the Government of the Russian Federation
Moscow Government Scholarship
Grants of the President of the Russian Federation

Affiliate scholarships

Oxford Russian Fund Scholarship
Scholarship Alfa Bank
Scholarship «Lukoil»
Gazprombank Scholarship
Scholarship of V. Potanin Foundation

Social Scholarships

State social scholarship
Scholarship to needy students


Scholarship of outstanding scientists of the Higher School of Economics HSE Scholarship of the RF Ministry of Education and Science
Scholarship «Silver Chick»

Postgraduate Scholarships

Material assistance to students


Payment for training takes place according to the conditions prescribed in the contract and additional agreements.

Payment dates
1 semester — until August 25
2 semester — until February 20

Each student should have his own copy of the contract (the contract number is needed for payment), as well as all additional supplementary agreements drawn up.
We recommend that you save payment orders for all semesters.

You can pay for training at any bank or online at the HSE website.

Form of notice and sample payment order

Tuition at the expense of maternity capital

find out in the Pension Fund a list of required documents;
download and fill out an application;
bring a completed application and a copy of the certificate of maternity capital at the reception;
sign an additional agreement at the reception (Malaya Pionerskaya St., 12, 3rd floor);
other documents (license, certificate of accreditation, certificate of training, etc.) can be ordered on the site.
Installment or deferral

If you have good reason for receiving installment / deferral of payment for tuition, you need to draw up documents in a timely manner (1-2 weeks before the due date).

download and fill out an application, indicating the reason and schedule of planned payments;
bring a completed application to the reception (Malaya Pionerskaya St., 12, 3rd floor).
Ready-made notifications for payment for accommodation can be received in hostels when paying through a branch of Sberbank and payment terminals of Sberbank.

The scan of the payment order with the bank mark must be sent to the mail of the educational office, having drawn up a letter according to the model:

Subject of the letter: Tuition fees 2 semester 2018-19 academic year

Letter text: Full name of the student, group B18DZ01.

Order a transcript

Any student of the School of Design can order the following documents:

  • certificate of education;
  • certificate of academic performance;
  • certificate to the bodies of the Federal Migration Service on the training of a foreign citizen;
  • certificate of the level of knowledge of a foreign language (to confirm the fact of studying at a HSE a foreign citizen);
  • certificate of academic performance (for participants in the educational lending program who have concluded agreements until 2014);
  • an account for a bank (for participants in an educational lending program with state support, as well as for legal entities paying for student tuition);
  • Academic certificate (for those studying at the Higher School of Economics, but not completing their studies at the Higher School of Economics);
  • copies of licenses and certificates of state accreditation (for submission to the tax authorities);
  • contracts and additional agreements (copies of customers and students).

You can order a certificate of training and other documents from the online list to pick it up at the reception (Malaya Pionerskaya St., 12, 3rd floor) in three days.

You can find out about the readiness of your request here.

The deadlines for obtaining certificates of training with the official seal (for submission to the tax authorities, the Pension Fund, the military registration and enlistment office) and academic certificates must be additionally specified by phone +7 495 772 95 90 ext. 12616.

Contracts and supplementary agreements are issued on Tuesdays.

Application Forms

Statements regarding individual student movement:

  • application for a change of surname;
  • application for changing personal data (when changing a passport);
  • application for academic leave;
  • application for restoration;
  • application for withdrawal from academic leave;
  • application for early exit from academic leave;
  • application for the provision of holidays after the protection of the WRC;
  • a statement on the transition from a budget place to a commercial one and the appointment of an IEP (with retraining);
  • statement of deduction of their own free will;
  • application for deduction by transfer;
  • an application for inclusion of a university-wide elective in a student’s IEP;
  • application for other cases (free-form application).

Statements regarding term papers and WRC:

  • application for fixing the topic of WRC in undergraduate studies;
  • application for fixing the topic of WRC in the magistracy;
  • an application to consolidate the topic of term paper in undergraduate studies;
  • application for fixing the topic of term paper in the magistracy.

Statements regarding material and social issues:

  • application for a refund;
  • application for subsidies;
  • application for financial assistance;
  • Deferred payment application
  • statement of installment payment;
  • application for social scholarship;
  • application for payment from maternity capital.

Statements regarding practice (for students of the fourth year of undergraduate and second year of master's program):

  • practice diary;
  • example of a diary;
  • practice contract (template)
  • application for practice;
  • consent of the host student organization to practice;
  • practice report.

All applications are accepted and registered at the reception (Malaya Pionerskaya St., 12, 3rd floor).

Graduation projects

Guidelines for the preparation of final qualifying work for undergraduate students

Guidelines for the preparation of final qualifying work for graduate students

All students, before defending their diploma, must submit to the graduating department not only graduation qualification work with written feedback from the supervisor, but also a printed registration form confirming the sending of the file with the text of the WRC to the Anti-Plagiarism system.

All about how to use the Anti-Plagiarism system.

Academic mobility

Students of the School of Design can participate in academic mobility programs at HSE. This is a great chance to gain valuable learning experience in foreign universities, get acquainted with the educational systems of other countries, gain a lot of vivid impressions from communicating with foreign colleagues, increase the level of language skills and discover new professional prospects.

The following may participate in student mobility programs within the framework of university-wide agreements of the HSE with foreign universities:

  • students studying on a budgetary basis and commercial students;
  • Bachelors (2-4 courses);
  • Masters (starting from 2 modules of 1 course);
  • students with a certificate confirming the level of knowledge of English (TOEFL, IELTS). In the absence of a certificate, you can provide a certificate from a foreign language teacher at the Higher School of Economics with his / her name and position.

Preference for students with consistently good academic performance, as well as students who have not previously participated in mobility programs.


Education is free, but the student assumes all additional costs (paperwork, flight, accommodation, meals, etc.).

Application Scheme:

  • choose a university from the list of HSE partner universities so that the educational program is similar to the educational program according to which a student studies at HSE. For each semester, you need to get 30 ECTS credits, which will later be partially or completely re-assigned to a student at the Higher School of Economics;
  • to develop an «Individual Curriculum» together with the staff of the training office of the School of Design;
  • Get a recommendation from the School of Design
  • apply for the competition at the HSE: collect the necessary documents and fill out an application for participation;
  • wait for the results of the tender applications

Students are selected by the HSE expert committee on a competitive basis and in accordance with the number of quotas allocated.

Dates of the competition:

  • mid-December — mid-February — for those wishing to leave for 1-2 modules;
  • beginning of September — mid-October — for those wishing to leave for 3-4 modules.

Additional information on the possibilities and rules of participation in academic mobility programs for students is available on the HSE website.

Transferring to The School from other institutions

The transfer of students of other educational programs and other educational organizations to educational programs of the Design direction is regulated by the transfer Rules.

The terms and conditions of the translation are determined by the internal translation rules of the educational program.

Terms for accepting applications for transfer to the educational programs of the Design direction:

  • December 1-15
  • from January 15 to January 31
  • from June 1 to June 9.

Applications for transfer submitted outside the established deadlines for the transfer or after the completion of the application filing period established by the program are not subject to consideration.

Information on the availability of budget places.

Number of places for translation on a paid (contractual) basis:

Undergraduate, 1 year

  • OP Design — 30 places
  • OP Fashion — 10 places
  • OP «Contemporary Art» — 10

Undergraduate, 2 year

  • OP Design — 20 places
  • OP Fashion — 10 places

Undergraduate, 3 year

  • OP Design — 15 places

Undergraduate, 4 year

  • OP «Design» — 3 places

Master, 1 year

  • OP Design — 10 places
  • OP «Communication Design» — 10 places
  • OP Fashion — 5 places

Master, 2 year

OP «Design» — 3 places
OP «Communication Design» — 3 places
OP «Fashion» — 1st place
With the features of the transfer procedure to the educational program

student of another educational program at HSE

student of another educational organization of the Russian Federation

student of a foreign educational organization

can be found on the HSE website at these links.

We draw the attention of students of other educational organizations applying for translation that the application for the educational program is preceded by the execution of the application for translation through the specialized electronic service «Single Window for Applicants for Translation» (for more details, see Section 3 of the Translation Rules).

The procedure for submitting applications for the transfer of students of educational programs at HSE provides for the submission of applications and necessary documents directly to the training office of the educational program, to managers of educational programs (for more details, see Section 4 of the Translation Rules).

About HSE

40 300
7 000
professors and researchers
educational programmes

HSE ART AND DESIGN SCHOOL is a subdivision of the Higher School of Economics National Research University, one of the leading universities in Russia, a participant of the majority of authoritative international educational ratings (QS, ARWU, Times Higher Education, U.S. News Best Global Universities Subject).

It’s not only a huge scientific laboratory, but a representative expert platform as well: the HSE personnel are actively involved in the key expert discussions, they are members of many collegiate and consultative bodies and are opinion leaders of the most important issues in the sphere of education, social policy, healthcare, demography, labor market, transport, public administration, and technological development.