Online Bachelor's Degree is an innovative program that allows you to combine the advantages of a project-based approach to design education and digital competencies in a distance format to train in-demand professionals who can work both in the office and remotely in Russian and international companies, agencies, projects.

Online Bachelor's Degree is a joint project of HSE ART AND DESIGN SCHOOL and the National Research University Higher School of Economics — Perm. Each applicant can choose one of four educational profiles: Communication design, Animation and illustration, Game design and virtual reality, Sound design. Although all classes are held remotely, most of them have a synchronous format: the teacher works with students in real time and in constant dialogue, monitoring progress and commenting on each project.

Learning is based on the project approach: from the first lesson each student makes his own project, gaining design skills and knowledge of the history and theory of art and design during making the project.Student groups include no more than 25 people who study under the guidance of a group curator.

Every year student makes at least four projects, which he defends at public screenings to examination boards that can include teachers from all campuses of HSE ART AND DESIGN SCHOOL. All students’ projects are stored in the digital portfolio — a tool that allows you not only to track the professional progress of each student, but also to find a suitable employee among students for a potential employer or customer.

Online Bachelor's degree allows to enjoy all the benefits of the «new mobility». All classes are held in a distance format, which allows not only to obtain professional knowledge and competencies for students living anywhere in the world, regardless of the time zone, to study where it is convenient for the student, and to communicate with teachers from all the campuses of HSE ART AND DESIGN SCHOOL, but also to develop interdisciplinary skills related to working online, in order to be able not to limit yourself in places of work and to choose a company or customer from any city in Russia or the world.

4 years
Online education
50 commercial places
320 000 rubles
Discounts — up to 25%
HSE Bachelor’s Degree


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Educational profiles

Students perform a full range of tasks to create a modern brand identity, develop a corporate identity, design print publications and try themselves in complex multimedia design.

Students learn to create animated 2D and 3D animation, computer games, advertisements, websites, video installations, TV screensavers, illustrations and comics, augmented reality.

Students go through all stages of game development: formulate an idea, create concept art, design game mechanics, and finally plan the release and monetization of the final product.

Students learn a wide range of audio practices, from applied skills in sound engineering, composition, music production and multimedia installations to conceptual exploration of the phenomenon from the standpoint of contemporary philosophy and art theory.


min. score
State exam (Russian language)
min. score
State exam (Literature)
min. score
Creative competition

A creative competition involves online uploading of a prepared project for the chosen educational profile into a special section of the website of the HSE ART AND DESIGN SCHOOL.

Uploading projects starts in April and will continue until the end of official submission of documents to the HSE Bachelor's programs.

Details about exams

The creative exam is conducted online — via the download system on the HSE ART AND DESIGN SCHOOL website.

Examination committee that evaluates projects may include not just HSE ART AND DESIGN SCHOOL professors but also invited representatives of the expert community.

Within each educational program, the applicant chooses only one profile. Applicants entering several educational programs of HSE ART AND DESIGN SCHOOL submit a separate project for each of the programs in accordance with the chosen profile.

A creative project is a series of works (from 6 to 12), united by one theme, connected by a single concept and a single stylistic solution.

The subject of the project for admission is chosen by the applicant independently and must reveal his / her creative potential and level of artistic thinking. HSE ART AND DESIGN SCHOOL offers possible, but not required, topics. If applicants choose for their project something different from the proposed topics, then, provided that the principle of seriality, conceptuality and unity of style is preserved, the commission will consider such a project on an equal basis with everyone else.

Each project must be prepared specifically for the entrance examinations at HSE ART AND DESIGN SCHOOL. It is not allowed to submit projects completed for entrance exams to other universities, as well as diploma works performed for colleges and other institutions of secondary vocational education.

When submitting a project, the applicant can attach a sketchbook to it. In the case of online submission, it must be digitized and uploaded to any open resource or presented as a separate open Instagram account.

Evaluation of creative projects for applicants of the online bachelor's program Design is carried out exclusively online via HSE ART AND DESIGN SCHOOL website.