HSE Garden Pavillion: Get Out

The «Get out» world warmly welcomes us at the gate, suggesting a journey to a utopia, but once we come closer, it mocks our expectations. The nature, always so meek and taciturn, is no longer vulnerable, it gains a voice, with an air of aggression and hostility.

Humans destroy nature and escape into the online world where pollution, climate change, wildlife extinction, and mutations wouldn’t reach them. But once online, the humans go on being their arrogant aggressive selves, ruthlessly invading the digital space. Today, 5.11 billion unique users are building that special climate around themselves, very often hugely violent and hostile.

In this story, we are both victims and creators of the content we are running away from. The Internet gives us a false feeling of safety, remaining, however, just as toxic as the landfill sites the humankind has been hoarding over the years. The «get out» project starts a conversation about how being sensitive and ethical about our digital space is just as important as caring about the natural environment.

The virtual world of «get out» is a faceoff between nature and the internet, both equally polluted by humans. The game is divided into several zones: haters zone, dead zone и anomaly zone.

How to play:
​​​​​​​Explore an environment of the game and find an exit from each level/zone.
Use Arrow Keys to move, use «W» and «S» to fly up and down.
You can play a light version in a browser. The full version is available for download.

Author: Elena Vlasova, HSE Art and Design School (RU)

About Ars Electronica

Over the past four decades, a number of pioneers have turned Ars Electronica into a creative ecosystem that now enjoys a worldwide reputation. Since 1979 we celebrate once a year the Ars Electronica Festival. More than 1,000 artists, scientists, developers, designers, entrepreneurs and activists are coming to Linz, Austria, to address central questions of our future. For few days, everything revolves around groundbreaking ideas and grand visions, unusual prototypes and innovative collaborations, inspiring art and groundbreaking research, extraordinary performances and irritating interventions, touching sounds and rousing concerts.

About HSE University

HSE ART AND DESIGN SCHOOL is a subdivision of the National Research University ’Higher School of Economics’, one of the leading youngest universities worldwide (QS 50 Under 50), top 3 universities in Russia. Started 8 years ago by a group of 30 talented students, the HSE ART AND DESIGN SCHOOL represents today a creative community of more than 2500 students of bachelor, master and PhD programs. Our school is producing professionals in the fields of communication design, fashion, contemporary art, game design and coding, theater and filmmaking, animation and visual effects, multimedia and advertising, photography and sound art. As a result, the School’s graduates have already won Pentawards, D&AD, Adobe Design Awards and other design competitions.

HSE Garden Pavilion: "Get Out"

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