The series of presentations and a round table with the speakers of «Place of Art»

Конференция «Выставка как способ анализа современности. Этика и политика выставочных проектов»

Due to the current circumstances, we decided to organize part of the «Place of Art» panel in the online format. We will begin with the publication of video presentations by section participants during June. After the series of presentations we are planning to arrange a round table with the speakers, «Place of Art» team and a wide audience. All events will be held in English.


Exhibition as a mean of analysis of contemporaneity. Ethics and politics of exhibitions

Contemporary art nowadays is implemented through the exhibiting process. So, the exhibition is no longer considered as a number of works arranged within the space. Rather, the exhibition creates optics that shows the connection between objects and situations where the sphere of works of art tends to widen. Therefore, exhibition analysis requires the understanding of the ways the optics is created. Optics in this context can be understood closely to the Michel Foucault`s term «dispositif». The connections showed by dispositif are not limited by the exhibiting space but reveals the author`s (curator`s) positions as well as political and sociocultural changes.

Thus, how can we make exhibitions nowadays and how can we analyze it? Firstly, we strive to examine different methods of exhibition analysis as well as to see ourselves as researchers from the outside. Secondly, it is essential to address to a variety of curatorial practices and see how the optics of every exhibition is created.

Please, find the preliminary program of the panel below. Please note that some changes can be made to the program, all up-to-date information you can find on our Facebook page:

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05.06 — Nicolas Audureau (former director Saint-Fons Art Center, France). Spaces for debate.

11.06 — Natalia Prikhodko (School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences, Paris). Human’s relation to the world and the problem of the displaying dispositive. Case study of «Sun & Sea (Marina)».

15.06 — Sonja Lau (curator and cultural producer, Berlin). Curating Contingency. The making of exhibitions that lend themselves to be affected.

19.06 — Round table «Position of a researcher of contemporary exhibitions: between theory and practice».

Speakers: Nicolas Audureau, Natalia Prikhodko, Sonja Lau, Polina Lukina, Tatiana Mironova, Natalia Smolianskaia, Christina Pestova, Victoria Belonenko