CALL FOR PAPERS Performance Artistic Research Lab (PeARL) online conference

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Zooming into the Performative: Pandemic Experience and New Performance Studies

PeARL — Performance Artistic Research Lab is an interdisciplinary and international Laboratory for investigating what can be understood by the term ‘performance’ in academic contexts today. Drawing on Performance Studies, it asks how research can inform artistic practice and vice-versa.

PeARL extends beyond academic walls, though is affiliated with two major universities, one in Russia (HSE Art & Design School, Moscow), the other in the UK (Goldsmiths, University of London).

17 June 2021

Insisting on the freedom to experiment, PeARL is informed by contemporary knowledge that falls within the rubric of Performance Studies. Our research initiatives and intellectual enquiry are stimulated by contemporary art practices. We seek to open new ways in which performance as artmaking, research, social practice and philosophy inform and enrich each other.

Performance Studies enlarges the range of reference of the idea of ‘performance’ from artistic-spectator relations to encompass social interaction, behavior, lifestyle, identity, research process, political action and philosophy. All these dimensions creatively collide in enacting performance. If there are inherent tensions between making art and practicing research, as there are between performing and philosophizing, there are no impermeable boundaries. We keenly seek out the permeability — the fissures, the mutations, the crosscurrents, the enfoldings.

In this spirit, our conference Zooming into the Performative: Pandemic Experience and New Performance Studies will explore how international researchers and practitioners have and are negotiating geographically distanced collaboration; the effect of online encounter on theoretical exchange and creative practices; the limitations and opportunities for the performative offered by the potential for global connectivity; concepts of liveness and presence; how we imagine a post-pandemic future as creative thinkers, creators and researchers.

Throughout the PeARL Lab programme, sessions fall into four major thematics: ‘performance and the body’, ‘performance and space’, ‘performance and society’, and ‘performance and spectator’. We now invite papers addressing experience of the pandemic within these frames of Performance Studies.

Possible topics include

  • The body in virtual space

  • Performance and the gaze, on stage and online

  • Performing a fashionable body and pose

  • Experimental fashion and un/ruly costume

  • VR performance and digitized subjectivity

  • Movement to mask, to veil and to uncover

  • The body without organs in the pandemic space

  • Touch Hunger — flesh & proxemics

  • Being there — agency, presence & absence in the online environment

  • Zooming together & affect theories

  • Interdisciplinarity across space and time — borders, languages, cultures and time zones

  • Online creation (telematic performance/live streamed performance/recorded performance)

  • Collaboration in a post-pandemic world

  • Evaluating performance and the place of reflective critique

Abstracts/presentations (300 words /10 slides max) should be forwarded to the organisers by 20 May 2021: