Students of the direction create a full-fledged portfolio of various environmental projects, including the visual design of residential premises, exhibitions and landscapes.


Environmental design shapes reality around the modern human.

Environmental design is the appearance of the spaces and objects that surround us: environmental designers design furniture and interiors, urban environments and landscapes. This sphere, like no other, combines conceptualism and utilitarianism. At the HSE School of Design, environmental designers are taught both that and the other: students simultaneously create a comfortable environment and express complex thoughts by means of graphic communication. Going to study as an environmental designer means getting a chance to become a professional whose role in shaping the human environment is no less important than the role of an engineer or architect.

Head of the study direction, designer, artist, graphic artist, participant of personal and group art exhibitions.


If you want to find yourself in the field of architectural design, then you might want to check out our programs in «Interior Design» and «Environmental Design».

Interior design

During the training, students study the theory and practice of working with interior design of residential and public spaces, exhibition spaces and museums, with landscape design and the design of the urban environment.

Interior design

Students not only immerse themselves in the theory of interior design, but also work on real objects: shops, cafes, office spaces, exhibitions, art installations and, of course, the interiors of houses and apartments.

Graduate (MA)

The master's programs in «Interior Design» and «Territorial Branding and Design of the Urban Environment» are suitable for designers who want to deepen their knowledge and reach a higher professional level.


If you want to learn a new profession or upgrade your skills and reach a new level in your career, we offer annual and short continuing education programs.

The center for the design of the educational environment is engaged in the development of design projects for the interiors of buildings and individual rooms of schools and universities, as well as cultural institutions.

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