Communication design


«A communication designer is a special forces specialist, a versatile fighter capable of solving the most complex professional tasks. We see our mission in giving our graduates a highly competitive design education which will bring them to the top of the international design industry in the fields of branding, visual communications, digital applications, multypaged publications and media-design. Join and enjoy!», — Mitya Kharshak, academic head of the undergraduate programmes of HSE ART AND DESIGN SCHOOL (Saint Petersburg).


Nowadays the technologies of the remote creative work are rapidly changing the mechanisms of the design industry. The creative teams formerly geographically united by the certain location now may be dispersed around the globe. We at the HSE ART AND DESIGN SCHOOL as the visionaries share a common foresight of the future development of design as a global cross-boundary industry, and offer the world university entrants a highly-competitive, award-winning and innovative education programme. Our vision of Design as a creative, technological, intellectual and artistic discipline is supported by internationally reknown award-winning collective of professionals, who share their unique experience with our students. All of the tutors and mentors at HSE ART AND DESIGN SCHOOL are actively working practitioners with an outstanding background of the creative projects in various spheres of design and visual arts.

Communication design is the visual language of our time. Brand identity, package, advertisement, infographics, websites and applications use this language. Mastering this language is crucial to solve complex professional problems and apprehend the most vital ideas and concepts. The HSE ART AND DESIGN SCHOOL has created an elaborate teaching system to prepare such professionals. Our approach is based on practical studies: from the first day of education the students are being involved in day-to-day realities of the industry.

4 years
Distance learning
50 commercial places
340 000 rub
EN teaching in English
Bachelor’s degree

About programme:

Ulyana Aristova
Academic head
Ulyana Aristova

Educational track

First year students study the basics of communication design, basic design programmes, and also begin to attend lectures on the history and theory of design and art.

Sophomores delve deeper into branding and try their hand at creating a consumer brand, a line of packaging and a cultural institution brand.

The peculiarity of the third course is that students projects are becoming more complex and voluminous. In addition to the main curriculum students can choose courses they like from the pool of elective courses — disciplines that are not directly related to the student’s specialization, but expand the professional horizons in the field of design and art.

Fourth year students concentrate on work on the graduation project and visual research, which becomes a complex project, ready for release and interesting for the design community.

Curators and professors

Entry exams

minimum score
English language
minimum score
Creative competition

Creative competition includes:

  • creative project
Details about exams

While preparing a creative project, it is necessary to perform a series of works (from 6 to 12), united by one theme, connected by a single concept and a single stylistic solution.

The subject of the project must be chosen by the applicant independently and must reveal his / her creative potential and level of artistic thinking. HSE ART AND DESIGN SCHOOL offers possible, but not required, topics. If applicants choose for their project something different from the proposed topics, then, provided that the principle of seriality, conceptuality and unity of style is preserved, the commission will consider such a project on an equal basis with everyone else.

Before starting work on a project, applicants have to choose a topic. For example: country, city, school, museum, gallery, exhibition, book, theater, club, concert, factory, airport, public organization, store, clothing brand, cafe, etc.

On this topic, you should complete a creative project, for example:

  • a series of posters;
  • a series of covers — music, books, magazines;
  • a series of font compositions;
  • form style;
  • a series of packages;
  • infographics;
  • outdoor advertising.

Applicants upload their creative projects on a special landing page of the HSE ART AND DESIGN SCHOOL website. The project can be done using computer technology or manually. In the latter case, it must be converted into electronic form.

The project consists of a series of slides (6 to 15) in jpeg format. The cover for the project will be generated automatically when the project is loaded. When uploading a project online, the applicant writes the name of the project (if any) or the format of the project (for example, a series of illustrations, or a series of posters, etc.) in the field «project name».

If necessary, the applicant can add a description of no more than 700 characters to the project.

If necessary, a link to an external resource can be inserted into the slide, but the applicant needs to check that the link opens correctly in incognito mode. Otherwise, the examination committee will not be able to open it and estimate the project.

When submitting a project, the applicant can attach a sketchbook to it. In the case of online submission, it must be digitized and uploaded to any open resource or presented as a separate open Instagram account.

Each project must be prepared specifically for HSE ART AND DESIGN SCHOOL entry exams. It is not allowed to demonstrate projects completed for exams to other universities or colleges.

The project must be uploaded to a special section of HSE ART AND DESIGN SCHOOL website during university admission campaign.

Student portfolios

Future career


The rules for obtaining discounts on training are currently under development.

We will post all discount information during December.


Studying at HSE ART AND DESIGN SCHOOL involves the development of professional computer programs, therefore, in order to successfully cope with projects, a student must have a computer and a set of certain programs at his disposal*.

Communication design

List of programmes

Programs are listed as they appear in the educational program, but can be used in subsequent courses.

I course:

  • Adobe Illustrator;
  • Adobe Photoshop;
  • Adobe Indesign;
  • Adobe Premiere;
  • Adobe AfterEffects;
  • Adobe Acrobat;
  • SketchUp;
  • ReadyMag.

II course:

  • Figma.

III course:

  • Glyphs / FontLab.

*The list of programs can be expanded or changed as better analogs or fundamentally new programs appear.

About HSE

40 300
7 000
professors and researchers
educational programmes

HSE ART AND DESIGN SCHOOL is a subdivision of the Higher School of Economics National Research University, one of the leading universities in Russia, a participant of the majority of authoritative international educational ratings (QS, ARWU, Times Higher Education, U.S. News Best Global Universities Subject).

It’s not only a huge scientific laboratory, but a representative expert platform as well: the HSE personnel are actively involved in the key expert discussions, they are members of many collegiate and consultative bodies and are opinion leaders of the most important issues in the sphere of education, social policy, healthcare, demography, labor market, transport, public administration, and technological development.