System game design

«Game design is, first of all, work with meanings, and any work with meanings means painstaking reflective activity,» — program curator Alexander Vetushinsky.


The program is designed for those who already have knowledge and skills in the field of game design and related disciplines, but want to improve their professional level, and turn from a specialist into an author. We are waiting for people who are interested not only in making games, but also in analyzing and understanding them. A special role in learning is played by the academic research of video games and the application of theory in practice, therefore we invite both those who already know how to create games and want to keep abreast of scientific research on the topic, and those who are accustomed to consider themselves to be «theorists» part of the gaming industry. The goal of our course is to train highly qualified professionals in the gaming industry, video game researchers aimed at an academic career, as well as experts who can deeply and meaningfully analyze any game.


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