Театр и перформанс

Уникальный профиль, посвященный перформативным практикам и исследованиям, позволяет подготовить художника-перформера, арт-директора и креативного продюсера масштабных проектов в области искусства.

Проектная деятельность



In the modern world, the importance of the artist is determined not only by their technical skill and understanding of harmony, but also by the ability to ask uncomfortable questions, relate to pain points, and challenge the familiar world.

A contemporary artist is not only a painter, but also a philosopher, sociologist, historian, and publicist. In the field of contemporary art there is a constant interpenetration of professions. The HSE School of Design is a meeting place for the most promising artists, designers, art theorists, photographers, video artists of Russia and the world. The educational direction «Contemporary Art» focuses primarily on the conceptual component in the work of the artist, art theorist and curator, as well as equips students with all the skills necessary to integrate into a professional environment and find contact with the audience. However, students have the opportunity to choose a path of professional development that allows them to obtain artistic and design competencies and be in the plane of both professions. In today's world, design and visual art go hand in hand and use similar tools to achieve different goals.

Head of the direction, art critic, curator, art historian, founder of the State Center for Contemporary Art, author of articles on the theory and practice of contemporary art.


If you want to find yourself in the field of contemporary art, one of the five bachelor's programs offered as part of the Cemporary Art direction, might be for you.

Artist and curator

The basis of the training is an in-depth study of the theory and practice of contemporary art, as well as art projects designed to unleash the creative potential of students. In addition, students study a number of practice-oriented disciplines — courses on the art market and art management.

Sound art and sound design

The essential approach to undergraduate studies involves a deep study of the phenomenon of sound and mastery of a wide range of practices with it.

Contemporary photography

Students of the programreceive the knowledge and practical skills necessary for a modern photo artist, while simultaneously creating author's projects and mastering the cycle of humanitarian disciplines.

Graduate (MA)

The multidisciplinary master's program «Practices of Contemporary Art» trains practitioners who can work in various areas of contemporary art. Within the framework of the program, there are programs such as «Multimedia and Digital Art», «Modern Painting», «Sound Art & Sound Studies», «Cinema Art: Directing and Dramaturgy», «Author and Commercial Animation» .

Multimedia and Digital Art

Victor Alimpiev

Graduates of the profile become professional artists who work with new technologies in various formats: video, interactive object and installation, VR or AR.

Contemporary art

Vladimir Dubosarsky

Graduates of the profile become professional artists working in different genres and formats of modern painting.

Sound Art & Sound Studies

Stas Sharifullin

Students receive a universal set of knowledge and skills that are in demand in various fields: from contemporary art or cinema to curatorial practices.

Literary and commercial animation

Program graduates become professional animated film directors who can act as scriptwriters, artists, and animators.


Whether you want to get introduced to a new profession or upgrade your skills and reach a new career level, we offer annual and short continuing education programs for everyone.

Философия современного искусства и анализ арт-систем

Первая инициатива в России, предлагающая философско-теоретическое образования в области искусства.
Руководитель программы — Кети Чухров.
Продолжительность — 2 года

История видеоарта

Курс выстраивает понятийную матрицу мира видеоискусства: ключевые имена и произведения, теоретические основы искусства видео, влияние новых технологий на эстетику современного искусства, осмысление позиции художника в пространстве коммуникационного общества.



SAMPLE online gallery and young art auction in collaboration with HSE ART Gallery will host their first joint auction that will feature the HSE Design School Student work.
Andrei Logvin, a professor at the School of Design, took first prize at the International Biennial Poster Design Terras Gauda — Francisco Mantecón Competition 2019.
The director of the HSE Art Gallery Yulia Yusma spoke with the Independent Newspaper about the results of the gallery’s first open season, and shared her visions of the future of the space.

About HSE

40 300
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HSE ART AND DESIGN SCHOOL is a subdivision of the Higher School of Economics National Research University, one of the leading universities in Russia, a participant of the majority of authoritative international educational ratings (QS, ARWU, Times Higher Education, U.S. News Best Global Universities Subject).

It’s not only a huge scientific laboratory, but a representative expert platform as well: the HSE personnel are actively involved in the key expert discussions, they are members of many collegiate and consultative bodies and are opinion leaders of the most important issues in the sphere of education, social policy, healthcare, demography, labor market, transport, public administration, and technological development.