стилист и редактор моды, куратор профиля «Мода», директор моды в журнале Esquire Russia на протяжении 10 лет

консультации со студентами:
пн: 11:10 — 12:30
13:00 — 14:20
ссылка: https://zoom.us/j/9166832045



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16 November 2019
The students of the «Fashion» program will take part in a project by UNIQLO that is dedicated to relevant themes of sustainable production and the recycling of clothing. The results of this collaboration will be presented on November 16th as part of the ’Recycle day’ at the «Garage» museum in Moscow.
04 September 2019
HSE and Adidas have announced the results of the joined design competition, the participation in which was open for all students of HSE, regardless of the faculty and direction of their studies. The contest was won by the students of the School of Design.
05 September 2019
28 July 2019
Over the past academic year, our students and graduates of the «Fashion» Master’s program took part in a variety of projects. Young designers held two of their own shows as part of the «Night of Arts 2018» at the the Riga Station, as well as at the large-scale Telling Stories festival, participated in exhibitions, collaborated with major brands and opened a joint showroom in the space of the Bread Factory.
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